Testing Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa with ManBQue’s John Carruthers (Episode 95)

This week, I’m joined by John Carruthers, co-founder of meat social club ManBQue (manbque.com) and co-author of two must-own ManBQue cookbooks. We take a trip to a northwest side Taco Bell on the day of the national release of the Naked Chicken Chalupa… Taco Bell’s new menu item that features taco contents folded into a shell made out of fried chicken.


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Is it any good? Well, it was enough to make John say, “I feel like Salieri in Mozart.” You’ll know what that means when you hear it in context. Promise.

After a definitive Naked Chicken Chalupa discussion, we also talk about:

*The ultimate Facebook Live fail
*The movie on Netflix you need to watch RIGHT NOW. Seriously. We both can’t recommend it enough.
*Tumblr language. You know, like, “woke.”
*The difficulties of wing-eating
*Drinking “Diabetes Dew,” the precursor to “Type Dew Diabetes”
*The amazing dishes made at the most recent ManBQue event
*Nashville hot chicken: KFC vs. Budlong
*The different people who gawked into the car as we were recording
*Why eating at Taco Bell is like going to get your haircut
*Minor league baseball in Tennessee

Author: carconcarne