‘Dripping glistening grease’ with 88 Fingers Louie’s Denis Buckley (Episode 43)

For this episode, James is joined by 88 Fingers Louie’s lead singer Denis Buckley.

They meet up at Taqueria El Tapatio on the west side of Chicago, which leads to discussions like:

“There is grease just rolling down my hand,” and “I feel kinda disgusting now.” (For the record, the food was tasty.)

They talk about 88FL’s history (breaking up, drinking, touring) how it felt to watch former member Joe Principe hit massive heights with Rise Against, and the simple pleasures of Mexican food.

And James may have uttered the all-time greatest “cranky old man” lines in CCC history: “One of my great problems with concerts is other people are there.”


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Author: carconcarne