‘I got pretty high and Googled how to make hot sauce’: Trying the delicious varieties of Soothsayer hot sauce (Episode 187)

Kyle from Soothsayer Hot Sauce joins me for pizza from the thrice-visited Dante’s Pizza (2825 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618).

Discussed in this episode, presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston (who provided a gorgeous CX-9 for this week’s show):

  • The literal dumpster fire outside Kyle’s place.
  • We sample all three Soothsayer sauces: Omen, Perdition (Soothsayer’s flagship) and Harbinger.
  • We eat Dante’s “Slice of the Day,” which is basically an Italian Beef on a pizza.
  • Everything Kyle learned about product placement, he learned from Wayne’s World.
  • The origin of Soothsayer hot sauces. There are two versions: The truth, and what Kyle tells the public.
  • Soothsayer sauces aren’t meant to be “belligerently hot.”
  • Soothsayer has already released 27 different varieties of hot sauce.
  • “A little dampness on the temples” is the sign of a good hot sauce.
  • “You make punk rock hot sauce?”
  • Soothsayer sauces are all made with fresh ingredients, nothing is fermented.
  • “My nose is running… I’m in tears as I’m talking here.”
  • The Soothsayer Malort hot sauce: “I absolutely love Malort.”
  • I’m the guy who exposed Soothsayer to the Loop.
  • The Mazda CX-9 is nicer than Kyle’s living room.


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Author: carconcarne