Car Con Carne Snacks (independent music on Car Con Carne)

The hardest thing about doing podcast interviews with musicians (which happen frequently on Car Con Carne) is that I hadn’t been able to actually play the music we’re talking about. Because podcasts are mechanical downloads, I haven’t been able to include songs in the conversations.

That said, I want to be able to curate music for you, just as I had for many years on Chicago radio (Q101, WXRT, WZZN, blah, blah, blah). That desire led me to create Car Con Carne “Snacks.” These Snacks are audio-only, each one spotlighting a new song from an independent artist, along with brief context from me. Often times, the Snacks will tie back to a recent or upcoming interview. The bottom line is they’re designed to spotlight music I think you should hear and know about.

In order to do this (and not lose my house), I’ve put a submission form below that essentially asks for contributing rights-holders to acknowledge that they own the songwriting/publishing rights, and grant permission to include the submission as a Car Con Carne “Snack.”

It’s a shorter version of something I attempted late in 2021 with the “Music of Chicago” podcast. That experience taught me that recreating the “radio show” format was far too much work for what it was worth. After sitting on my thoughts for over a year now, I’m convinced this is the best path forward, especially since I can tie much of the music back to the flagship, Car Con Carne.

One of my greatest joys and honors of my career has been connecting with Chicago’s musicians and creatives; I hope to continue and further those relationships here on Car Con Carne.

January 7, 2023

Car Con Carne Snack - music submission form

  • Please include download links where Car Con Carne can find the above-named composition(s). Accepted formats are MP3 and WAV.
  • Please share any relevant details that can add color to the "spin": Bio details, song information, upcoming live dates, etc.
  • Please share information on Bandcamp/web links Car Con Carne can reference to encourage listeners to support your work.
  • Please note, if any
  • Album artwork, approved band photo, etc. If photo credit is required, please include that.
  • Type your full name, to serve as your signature.