Preaching to the perverted: Pop Will Eat Itself at Cold Waves (Episode 266)

Graham Crabb and Mary Byker of the long-running Pop Will Eat Itself jump into the car before headlining the first night of Cold Waves VIII at Metro. Discussed on this episode:

  • Everyone knows and has played with everyone else. Mary, in particular, is in Pigface and first became well-known for Gaye Bykers on Acid.
  • The all-inclusive, un-pigeonholeable, sound of PWEI.
  • The anniversary of PWEI’s “This is the Day… ” album. Mary: “I just realized what a really great record it was… it’s a genuinely overlooked, great record.”
  • PWEI in the early 90s, and dealing with major labels.
  • Graham is the only “through line” in the PWEI story.
  • The ongoing role of technology in PWEI’s music.
  • The importance of talking about suicide.

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