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Thank you for your interest in being part of Car Con Carne! I switched to this advertising model as a way to invite more people and brands to be part of the show. The ad prices are intentionally low to allow for established brands to exist side-by-side with curious and first-time advertisers. Your ad message will be shared as a "live read" at the "top" of the show (first 2-3 minutes), and that message will be heard and seen on full-length episodes (e.g. Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Audible, YouTube). Ad message will be included in corresponding full-episode copy (, YouTube, Facebook, RSS distributed copy). Once this form is complete, I'll follow up directly over email with payment details (Venmo and PayPal accepted), as well as timing for the ads.

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Ads bought for more than one episode will appear in consecutive episodes until finished. There will never be more than three advertisers per episode.
Your ad message should be 1-3 sentences long, and will be read as typed here (unless you'd like some ad libbing). Please include a call to action so listeners/viewers know what to do if they're interested. Example: Challengers Comics and Conversation is an award-winning comic shop in Bucktown. Stop by and visit in person at 1845 North Western, or visit online at
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