Car Con Carne sponsorships

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Use Car Con Carne as your vehicle (sorry) to reach a highly-motivated, enthusiastic audience!

Car Con Carne is a nightly, hyperlocal video show (YouTube, Facebook) and podcast (Apple, Amazon, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeart). Pre-pandemic, the show was recorded onsite at Chicago restaurants with Chicago guests. Since March, 2020, the show’s been recorded from home and seen a 100% increase in audience, YoY (2019-2020).

Hosted by Chicago media personality James VanOsdol (WKQX, WLUP, WGN, WXRT), Car Con Carne launched six years ago and has seen its audience grow more than 50% every year since its launch. The audience is:

*Web and app-savvy
*Active in the Chicago DMA
*Interested in Chicago culture, dining, craft beer, music, nerd culture, independent theater, local/small business and media
*A mix of 18-54 year-old men and women

Sponsorship opportunities can include:

  • Title sponsorship (“Car Con Carne, presented by YOUR BUSINESS HERE”)
  • Pre- and mid-roll advertising
  • Weekly Facebook Live mentions/naming
  • Onsite “remotes,” where podcast is recorded at a client’s location
  • Logo inclusion on web and social
  • Product placement (audio/video/photo)

Sponsorships are available in 3, 6 and 12-month packages. Car Con Carne welcomes partners looking to expand both their digital and Chicago area reach. Contact for more information!