The name will get your attention; the music will make you a fan. Singer-songwriter Lilly Winwood at Haymarket (Episode 193)

Lilly Winwood rolled through Chicago to headline the Haymarket Americana Series at Haymarket Pub & Brewery (737 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661). Before she took the stage, she jumped in the Mazda for dinner and a conversation about her career, music, and rock-star-royalty father.

  • Lilly pulled the ultimate power move by insisting on sitting in the driver’s seat and making me sit in the passenger seat.
  • The food menu at Haymarket. Lilly noted that my sandwich, The Riot, looked “very porky.” It was, and it was amazing.
  • We got the conversation about her dad, rock icon Steve Winwood, out of the way very early.
  • Was it just a foregone conclusion that Lilly was going to be a musician?
  • Lilly’s EP “Silver Stage,” and the song “Safe House” in particular.
  • “Silver Stage” is a coming-of-age release.
  • What do Steve Winwood and Stockholm Syndrome have in common?
  • The “naughty parties” Lilly used to throw.
  • Lilly Winwood: “I’ve been known to bend the rules a little bit.”
  • The pros and cons of podcasting: You can’t play music, but you can say “shit.”
  • Nashville: Great place to live, but now EVERYONE is moving there.
  • New music: Coming soon!

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