Music of Chicago Podcast


Hi. I’m James VanOsdol. I’ve been local music-adjacent since I started my radio career at Q101 in the 1990s. I’d go as far as to say that without local music, I wouldn’t have had a radio career.

I love, evangelize and encourage the diversity of sounds, styles and approaches found in Chicago music. Hopefully you’ve gotten a sense of that through my radio work (Q101, WXRT, WGN, WLUP) and my work on the Car Con Carne podcast.

My media resume is littered with the names of specialty shows on FM radio (Local Music Showcase, Local 101, Local Zone, DEMO 312). The shows were always buried in the waning hours of Sunday night, when most people didn’t actually listen to radio. In the minds of FM programmers, supporting local music was important, but they didn’t want to people to actually hear it.

Moving forward, I’m taking the idea of a local music radio show and turning it into a dedicated local music podcast: MUSIC OF CHICAGO. I still can’t believe I scored the “musicofchicago” domain on GoDaddy. It was fate.

In order to pull this off, I need to take the extra step of essentially gathering “permission slips” from musicians in order to play their music. Because podcasts are mechanical downloads, the rules are much different from, say, streaming. In order to play your music on my show, I need confirmation that you own all the rights to the music that you’re submitting for consideration. Just as important, I need your express permission to include that music in a future episode. There’s nothing nefarious or weaselly about this process; it’s really just to protect you and me.

The podcast will exist as a compliment to Car Con Carne. Local bands will still be heard on both shows, while Car Con Carne will continue to dig deeper into a wider range of Chicago culture. And like Car Con Carne, Music of Chicago will also include regular interviews.

Logo created by the remarkable Devin Parker.