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Hepcat returns, right when we need them most-RIOT FEST 2021 (Episode 658)

The members of Hepcat played a fantastic Riot Fest set on a picture-perfect Chicago afternoon. The band checked in with me backstage before their performance.

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‘Not a bad day to be day drinking’: Devon Kay and the Solutions at RIOT FEST 2021 (Episode 657)

Devon Kay was one of my favorite interviewees at this year’s Riot Fest. He’s super fun, self deprecating and funny. And his new EP (The Space In Between) is awesome.

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones co-founding member Johnny Vegas talks RIOT FEST 2021 (Episode 656)

Johnny Vegas (Tim Burton) of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones talks about the 90s, the new album (“When God Was Great”) and why their horn section kicks so much ass.

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My back is broken! I’m interviewing Bollweevils again! RIOT FEST 2021 (Episode 655)

The Bollweevils kicked off my Riot Fest weekend with a fun backstage interview. We talked about their new music on Red Scare, Pete’s Hollywood good looks, the pleasures of gin and Dr. Doom teaming up with Sub-Mariner. #RiotFest2021 MY BACK…

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The Orphan the Poet at Riot Fest 2021 (Episode 661)

Jake Floyd (bass) David Eselgoth (vox) of The Orphan the Poet talked with me about their awesome new single (“The Moxie”), playing with Chicago band Friday Pilots Club, and the legit community they’ve created with their audience.

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Music of Chicago (Episode 3)

Welcome to the third episode! This week’s show presents songs from Til Morning, Lorelei Dreaming, OK Cool, Weekend Run Club and more!

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Safety, accessibility and unity: Building the Humanity is the Genre Festival (Episode 654)

Guitars Over Guns. Sounds great to me. The Humanity is the Genre Festival is happening 9/25, from 12-6:00 p.m. in the courtyard of the historic landmark Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church in Bronzeville. Joining me for this episode DJ Lady…

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Welcome to ‘Septemburger’ (Episode 653)

Three chefs, one show! Chicago Gourmet’s “Hamburger Hop” event is happening right now, and joining me to talk about it are Chef Daniel Pineda (Whiskey Business), Chef Yani Sanchez (Takito) and Chef Michael Hernandez (Azul). We’re talking burgers. We’re talking…

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Beverly Art Walk strolls into 8th year (Episode 652)

The Beverly Art Walk strolls into its 8th year with another fantastic event on Saturday, 9/18. Spanning from 95th to 111th Streets, Walden to Western Avenue, this year’s walk includes 100 artists, pop-ups, gallery exhibitions, home studio visits and more!…

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The Joy Thieves: Defying expectations on ‘American Parasite’ (Episode 650)

A loose collective of musicians delivered one of the year’s tightest sets of music. The Joy Thieves recently put out their first full-length (“American Parasite”), and gave us the cathartic, drive fast, live-without-consequences, kind of music that the end of…