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Wheatonites Unite! Matt Derda at 302 Wheaton (Episode 689)

Musician Matt Derda joins me for food at 302 Wheaton (302 W. Front St.). We ate the “Wheaton Bowl” (it’s healthy, or so I’m told), fries, onion rings and more as we talked about Matt’s music and 302 Wheaton’s embracing…

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Russian mythology and Italian sausage: Talking ‘Atomika’ over Johnnie’s Beef with comics creator Sal Abbinanti (Episode 688)

ATOMIKA: GOD IS RED, the independently-created graphic novel by Sal Abbinanti, is being compiled in a new Omnibus edition. Jump on the Kickstarter of Atomika while you can: It closes soon, and there are all kinds of cool extras and…

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‘More bizarre than Battle Royale and far bloodier than The Ring’ – A.V. Club’s Katie Rife talks ‘Suicide Club’ (Episode 687)

The A.V. Club Senior Writer Katie Rife joined me tonight to talk about Japanese shocker “Suicide Club,” from 2001. See it in two midnight shows in all of its 35mm glory at the legendary Music Box Theatre over Thanksgiving weekend!…

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‘The Last Days of Capitalism’ takes on social class disparity, white privilege and authenticity (Episode 686)

a The value of truth and money are explored (if not eviscerated) in the engaging, slow-burning new movie “The Last Days of Capitalism.” In a very lean, focused way, the film looks at white privilege, social class disparity, prositution and…

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‘Cupid for Christmas’ aims arrow for Hulu this weekend (Episode 685)

Christmas and Valentine’s Day collide in “Cupid for Christmas,” a family-friendly new rom com movie debuting on Hulu this Saturday. Director Blayne Weaver returns to Car Con Carne to talk about the movie’s creation.

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From thrift store find to record company publisher: Unearthing Lorna Donley and the Veil (Episode 684)

Have you ever discovered a band from a bygone era and had its music change your life? That’s what happened when music fan Eric Clements discovered a handful of cassettes at a thrift store from an 80s Chicago band called…

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Mysterious Chicago band Miirrors reflect on their future (Episode 683)

As they get ready to share a bill with Moritat at the Hideout tomorrow night, the men of Miirrors join me for a chat about music curation, live music, video creation and more!

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BACK IN THE CAR with Hushdrops and Village Inn Pizzeria (Episode 682)

After a false start this summer, Car Con Carne is back in the car! This episode finds the car parked outside Village Inn (8050 Lincoln Avenue in Skokie) for a conversation with John San Juan of the long-running Chicago band…

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‘Paranormal Activity’ documentarian and ‘Hell House LLC’ producer Joe Bandelli talks found footage (Episode 681)

The first Paranormal Activity made $193.4 million dollars on a $15,000 budget. The franchise is covered in deep, satisfying detail in the new documentary, “Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension,” directed by Joe Bandelli. Joe joined me tonight to talk about his…

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Dan Vapid and the Cheats are back with ‘Escape Velocity’ (Episode 680)

Dan Vapid and the Cheats return with a new album, “Escape Velocity,” on Friday. Considering Vapid’s career has included runs in the Methadones, Screeching Weasel and Riverdales, it may seem audacious to say that he’s delivered one of his best…