Car Con Carne sponsorships

Use Car Con Carne as your vehicle (sorry) to reach a highly-motivated, enthusiastic audience!

Car Con Carne is “The World’s Only Food Podcast Recorded in a Car,” a hyperlocal podcast recorded onsite at Chicago restaurants with Chicago guests.

Hosted by Chicago media personality James VanOsdol (WKQX, WLUP, WGN, WXRT), Car Con Carne launched over five years ago and continues to grow, thanks to its listeners who are:

*Web and app-savvy
*Active in the Chicago DMA
*Interested in Chicago culture, dining out, music, nerd culture, local/small business and media
*A mix of 18-49 year-old men and women

Sponsorship opportunities can include:

  • Title sponsorship (“Car Con Carne, presented by YOUR BUSINESS HERE”)
  • Pre- and mid-roll advertising
  • Weekly Facebook Live mentions/naming
  • Onsite “remotes,” where podcast is recorded at a client’s location
  • Logo inclusion on web and social
  • Product placement (audio/video/photo)

Car Con Carne welcomes partners looking to expand both their digital and Chicago area reach. Contact for more information!